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security question - custom plugin

I am looking at the example
but it doesn't dive into details and when trying to build one myself i am
unsure of the following

1) what imports are needed for the annotations is it

2) i have the following imports, am i missing anything

import org.apache.ignite.IgniteCheckedException;
import org.apache.ignite.IgniteException;
import org.apache.ignite.cluster.ClusterNode;
import org.apache.ignite.plugin.IgnitePlugin;
import org.apache.ignite.plugin.PluginConfiguration;
import org.apache.ignite.plugin.PluginContext;
import org.apache.ignite.plugin.PluginProvider;
import org.apache.ignite.spi.discovery.DiscoverySpiNodeAuthenticator;

import java.util.Collection;
import java.util.HashSet;
import java.util.Set;

If someone could point me to a recent working example of a security plugin
that would be amazing. I am looking at integrating authorization with
kerberos where i can create groups with specific permission and apply that
to individual caches.

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Re: security question - custom plugin


1) You need to add jetbrains annotation in compile-time [1].
2) Imports depend on what are you using :) It's hard to say if your imports
enough. Add ignite-core to your plugin dependencies.

I don't think that there are other examples besides that blog post.



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