Webinar: Apache Ignite Management & Monitoring

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Webinar: Apache Ignite Management & Monitoring

Hi Everyone,

We released a new monitoring and management tool this month for Apache Ignite and GridGain applications; GridGain Control Center. There is a webinar schedule for tomorrow, JUNE 17 2020 10:00AM PDT (-07:00), where I will provide an overview of the features and demo different use cases. If you are interested, the registration link can be found below:

If you aren't able to attend, a replay will also be posted shortly after the session.

Hope to see you there.

Greg Stachnick
GridGain Systems

VeenaMithare VeenaMithare
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Re: Webinar: Apache Ignite Management & Monitoring

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Hi ,

I am trying to configure cluster( ignite 2.8.1 ) in my machine with the control center agent
to understand it. The servers are started using java so I tried to add the
maven dependency or add the library as a external dependency to the project
as mentioned in these slides  


( Maven artifact section )

Tried below :
1. Added Library as an external dependency into the project.
But control center agent did not start when I started the server.

I dont see the following printed in the startup logs :
Found control center....

2.  Maven dependency : looks like we are not allowed to access it from the
gridgain maven repository:
      > Could not resolve org.gridgain:control-center-agent:
         > Could not get resource
            > Could not HEAD
Received status code 403 from server: Forbidden

Could you kindly let me know what I am missing ?

Please note I am able to start the server with the control center agent when
I start it using ignite.bat script on the command prompt.


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