SQLRowCount in unixodbc driver

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Wolfgang Meyerle Wolfgang Meyerle
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SQLRowCount in unixodbc driver


another issue popped up.

SQLRowCount gives me back 0 when I execute the following query:

select * from mytable limit 10;

The column count is correct. The rowcount not as the api is fetching 10

I honestly think what I've seen so far is that the current ODBC driver
implementation in Apache Ignite is more than basic

I will try to amend the things that I need if I'm able to dig myself
through the code and see if I can get to some reasonable point to
understand why....


ibelyakov ibelyakov
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Re: SQLRowCount in unixodbc driver

Hi Wolfgang,

According to the SQLRowCount function description, it shouldn't work for the
SELECT queries:
"SQLRowCount returns the number of rows affected by an UPDATE, INSERT, or
DELETE statement;"

More information can be found here:


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