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Re: Ignite hangs getting cache size

Hi Alan! Just in case the question is still relevant, you can join tomorrow's Q&A session[1]   to reach Ignite developers with this question.


ср, 23 сент. 2020 г. в 20:55, arw180 <[hidden email]>:
I'm running a 5 node Ignite cluster, version 2.8.1, with persistence enabled
and a small number of partitioned caches, ranging between a few thousand
records to one cache with over 1 billion records. No SQL use.

When I run a Java client app and connect to the cluster (with clientMode =
true), I connect fine and can retrieve the names of all caches on the
cluster quickly. However, attempting to get the size of a cache via
ignite.getOrCreateCache("existingCacheName").size() just hangs. This happens
regardless of which cache I try to get the size of.

I do see a suspicious error after a minute or so: WARNING: Node FAILED:
TcpDiscoveryNode[...] - it appears to be referencing my client node, so
perhaps that's the problem. That said, I don't know why the node failed,
what to do about it, or why it seems to happen so frequently. There are no
relevant logs coming from any of the ignite server nodes either.

Thanks for your help!


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