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Re: A question about ignite-indexing and H2


AFAIK, you cannot use 1.4.X version with Ignite.
If you want to use another version of H2 in your project,
you can try to use different classloader to load it separately.
Google it for details.

2016-05-30 9:20 GMT+03:00 王庆 <[hidden email]>:
Hi,I am a developer from china .My English leaves much to be desired. Please ingore these syntax errors.When I use the spatial index module in ignite1.6.0 , I found it depends 1.3.175 version of the H2, but I need to use the 1.4.X h2 version. <dependency>
</dependency>This method org.apache.ignite.internal.processors.query.h2.IgniteH2Indexing # start will call org.h2.constant.SysProperties and org.h2.util.Utils, in front of the class in the 1.3.176 version of the above have been It does not exist, the latter class is missing serializer variables.  if (SysProperties.serializeJavaObject) {
            U.warn(log, "Serialization of Java objects in H2 was enabled.");

            SysProperties.serializeJavaObject = false;

        if (Utils.serializer != null)
            U.warn(log, "Custom H2 serialization is already configured, will override.");

        Utils.serializer = h2Serializer();
Is there any way to solve it? I am looking forward to your replay.Thank you.


Best regards,
Alexei Scherbakov