[MEETUP] 03.12.2019 Moscow

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[MEETUP] 03.12.2019 Moscow

Hello, Igniters.

Join us on Ignite meetup!

There will be cool old fashioned geeky Ignite talks and a "round table" discussion about Ignite future.

It will happen on *December 3 in Moscow* and will be hosted by Sberbank near the subway Kutuzovskaya.


* Ignite affinity function.
* upcoming security improvement in Ignite.
* brainstorm with the whole community on the topic
"What I like in Ignite, what I want in Ignite, what in Ignite are piss me off"

Please, note, the language of the meetup is Russian.

You should register here  - https://www.meetup.com/ru-RU/Moscow-Apache-Ignite-Meetup/events/266728326