Log4j2 problem

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Mikael Mikael
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Log4j2 problem


I have setup the log4j2 logger and everything works fine until I
shutdown the application (2.7.5), I run it with ignite.bat and I have my
own code in a LifeCycleBean, I have some code in beforeNodeStop() and
some code in afterNodeStop() and it looks like the log4j2 logger stops
working between beforeNodeStop and afterNodeStop, does Ignite shutdown
the logger before afterNodeStop is called or something like that ?

I get all logging information from the code in beforeNodeStop() but any
logging calls in afterNodeStop do nothing at all.

Vladimir Pligin Vladimir Pligin
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Re: Log4j2 problem


Could you please share your logging configurations? I'll make a try to

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