IgniteCache (key, value ) design question

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IgniteCache (key, value ) design question

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I have a DB table with the following fields

ID, FPID1, SAC1, ACCT1, MG1, MS1, attrId,subAttrId,allocPct

there is also unique constraint on these fields


that I believe Ignite will create index for above combination so, either I can define the cache as
IgniteCache(Key(ID), Value(FPID1,SAC1,ACCT1,FRS_BU1,MG1,MS1,attrId,subAttrId,allocPct)>
and run sql like queries;
select * from myIgniteCache where FPID1=? and SAC1=?,ACCT1=?, MG1=?,MS1=?,rsAttrId=?
to get all possible combinations of subAttrId and allocPct for given filter or,
should I define myIgniteCache as;
IgniteCache<KeyObj(FPID1,SAC1,ACCT1,MG1,MS1,rsAttrId), ValueObj<rwaRsSubAttrId,allocPct)>
and do get(keyObj)

which one could perform better?
vkulichenko vkulichenko
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Re: IgniteCache (key, value ) design question


Key access is always faster than queries, so I would recommend to go with the second option. BTW, you can use fields from key object in queries as well as fields from value object, so your query will work either way.