Ignite statictics in JMX

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Ignite statictics in JMX



I am accessing Ignite statistics via JMX, and have a couple questions.


What I did:


1.       On localhost, start 3 server nodes with different JMX port and using JConsole to view the information. The size of a cache is all the same on JConsole GUIs connecting to the three JMX port.

2.       In Development environment we have 4 hardware nodes running 1 server process on each node with the same JMX port number. Connecting to the JMX server on the 4 different nodes, it is found that the size of the same cache are all different on the 4 JConsole GUIs.


The questions are:


1.       Is Ignite statistics local to a single server (Java process), all the java server process on a single hardware node or global to the whole cluster of all servers over all nodes?

2.       Is there a way to see the global statistical information?


Thank you very much




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vkulichenko vkulichenko
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Re: Ignite statictics in JMX

Hi Shaomin,

This is a known issue, here is the ticket: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/IGNITE-1071. Once this is fixed, MBeans should start working as you expect.

If you're interested, you're always welcome to pick it up and make the contribution.