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Ignite SSL security

Hi Guru,

I am try to implement the SSL security,

default-config.xml like below, I have generated the server.jks and trust.jks
with command 'keytool -genkey -alias ignite -keystore server.jks -keyalg
RSA' and put the file server.jks to the $IGNITE_HOME folder, but when
restart ignite, met below exception:

Failed to start grid: Failed to initialize key store (key store file was not
found): [path=server.jks, msg=server.jks (No such file or directory)]

please advice where this file to put in?  or any suggestions for the ssl?

<property name="sslContextFactory">
    <bean class="org.apache.ignite.ssl.SslContextFactory">
      <property name="protocol" value="SSL"/>
      <property name="keyStoreFilePath" value="keystore/server.jks"/>
      <property name="keyStorePassword" value="123456"/>
      <property name="trustStoreFilePath" value="keystore/trust.jks"/>
      <property name="trustStorePassword" value="123456"/>


    <property name="authenticationEnabled" value="true"/>

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Re: Ignite SSL security

  Internally, Ignite will use new File(keyStoreFilePath) ...
  This will interpret the keyStoreFilePath relative to the process working
    System.out.println("Working Directory = " +
    to determine your working dir.

  Then use:
     File file = new File(keyStoreFilePath);
     to see whether your file is in the correct place.

  for implementation.
Thanks, Alex


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