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Ignite Modularization

Ignite developers and users,

I'd like us to consider Ignite modularization as part of Ignite 3.0 timeframe. Presently, Ignite codebase mixes both core capabilities with 3rd party integrations. It leads to the following:
  • Cumbersome and continuously growing codebase with many 3rd-party dependencies. 
  • Some of the integrations are questionable and should no longer be supported by the community at all.
  • Integrations evolution is bound to Ignite release cycles even though no changes are needed in the core.
  • Ignite community has to support everything (test, release, fix, continue development) which requires to have particular integration experts on a permanent basis - doesn't work.

Please review it, share feedback. Pay attention to the list of integrations that should no longer be supported by the community.