Cache expiry policy is slow

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Cache expiry policy is slow

I have configured cache expiry policy using cache templates for the cache
which I created in ignite, as below

                <bean id="cache-template-bean" abstract="true"
                  <property name="name" value="templateEternal*"/>
                  <property name="cacheMode" value="PARTITIONED"/>
                  <property name="backups" value="1"/>
                  <property name="groupName" value="groupEternal"/>
                  <property name="eagerTtl" value="true"/>

                  <property name="expiryPolicyFactory">
                    <bean class="javax.cache.expiry.CreatedExpiryPolicy"
                        <bean class="javax.cache.expiry.Duration">
                          <constructor-arg value="SECONDS"/>
                          <constructor-arg value="600"/>


according to this configuration cache entries which completes 10 minutes
should be removed but to remove those entries ignite is taking more time.
this is my observation:
after configuring cache expiry policy as mentioned above, I'am batch
ingesting some records to the table for 4 minutes (around 1 million records
in 4 minutes) and after 10 minute it will start removing entries from the
table and number of records will start decreasing when i monitored from
visor CLI, since i configured expiry time as 10 minutes, all the entries
should get removed at the end of 14th minute (because i ingested data from
0th minute to 4th minute) but it is removing all the entries at the end of
20th minute.
any tuning needs to be done or am I missing any configuration ?


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Re: Cache expiry policy is slow


Could you please share your reproducer of how you check that the expiration
of the entries?


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